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Updated: Jan 19

For Osprey Management-

I’d like to note an exceptionally good experience in working with Jeff Rager on what, quite frankly, started out as a disaster…and ended with quality work and a job exceptionally well-done.

Mid-Sept, my tenants reached out to notify me they saw water dripping down through a light bulb in the ceiling of the garage of a condo in Steeplechase III – 2850 W Centennial Dr., Unit J in Littleton. A claim opened with American Family Insurance quickly recommended working with SERVPRO of Denver West and conveniently, Osprey Construction which resided in the same location for mitigation and restoration work.

It goes without saying that water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. I had significant concerns about the number of parties that would be involved with this process, how my tenants (soon to have a baby) would be affected and ultimately, the quality and efficiency of the work. Adding to the complexity, I needed to be confident this process could take place while I was remote.

Mitigation was swift, well-organized and thorough; communications from Justin were professional and well-managed. The team was effective and polite. Justin handed-off quickly and Jeff was introduced as we moved into the next phase.

One note, my background is in global Supply Chain and NPI Project Management within manufacturing environments. Admittedly, I’m quite critical of process, making good use of the furry eyeball and applying where needed. Basic project metrics are always scope, schedule, budget; immeasurable yet probably most valuable is the communication and people skills to pull it all together.

Simply put, Jeff knocked it out of the park.

I had the opportunity be on site only three times, and interim, quite a few phone calls – all times, Jeff made himself available to be part of the process. During a couple of these times when onsite, I observed interactions he had with employees working on the job. It was clear they respect and enjoy working for him. It’s important to see that as a client. It gives confidence that quality work is being performed and that drama is minimal. Everyone is able and interested in focusing on the work at hand.

From my own participation on the Board at one time, I knew working with the HOA association and their insurance company could potentially be a point of stress affecting the project. During the meeting with the HOA and their adjuster – it was clear the adjuster had not done his homework and the board was poised to be slow. Jeff was kind, understanding and jumped in to answer any and all questions. I genuinely think his confidence and expertise put all participating in that collaboration (myself included) at ease. I believe, during that meeting, he kindly set a precedent for an inexperienced insurance adjuster on the HOA side to stay confident that all umbers and decisions were well-placed. Those actions may have reduced any back and forth between the Board’s insurance and mine, reducing the time it took for their response.

Also participating in all of this, have been the tenants, that unfortunately yet necessarily, had been displaced during this situation. This was just coming into the last couple of months before their baby’s birth. Jeff enabled them to have visibility of the timeline and work being done, and answered any questions they had. This reduced the number of communications I was fielding and I’m sure it helped them feel taken care of. They were less stressed than they would’ve been had he not been invested and empathetic to their situation. He even worked to provide a safe, temporary solution allowing them to move back in weeks earlier than they would’ve had we waited for final fabrication and countertop installation. He essentially helped us bridge a gap and bring in an upgrade (my request) to the restoration with minimal impact to the schedule. Finally, he applied the ultimate patience and great people skills to many ongoing requests from the tenants. I don’t think they had a clue we were wondering when the requests would subside and Jeff certainly did not let on to it. J

A very stressful situation was presented, lots of moving pieces that needed to be resolved from afar. Jeff managed all of the moving pieces; scope + schedule + budget on target – with phenomenal people management and communication skills that were immeasurably valuable to ensuring a smooth completion.

The condo, which has always had great bones, has been elevated to a beautiful hidden gem in the aging Steeplechase complex.

Osprey Construction is incredibly lucky to have this guy on staff. Now when I see the trucks around town with the name on the door (and I had seen them often prior to this), I’ll always think of Osprey as ‘the good guys.’

Many Thanks again for assigning him to my project and opening my eyes to the reality that not all construction projects will be a disaster. One might even say that, one day in the future, (if planned), I may be looking forward to another...

Best regards,

Jacqueline Stokes

PLC Sourcing Project Manager

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